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WTR SCCA Season News - April 2012

I am looking for other sites to autocross on as you know. I believe that this region is viable and has the potential to grow. I'd ask members to invite their friends to an event.

I talked to a man from Canada last week and he is interested in developing a road race course in our area. That could good for our region if he does.

I'm also want to start a rally program. I've talked to Sasha Lance about runnning a rally and getting certified so we can have a rally.

Bill Threlfall

WTR SCCA Season News - February 2011

The Banquet is set for March 5 at 7pm at the Potton Patch in Plainview.

I have contacted Canyon ISD and gave them the schedule for this year. I talked to them last week and Pat said she would call me and let me know when everything was approved.

We are also considering having a road rally. I think it would be fun. There are several different ways to have one. They are not all time speed distance. It could be some sort of puzzle or even a poker run.

Stay tuned for more information.

Bill Threlfall

August Event Recap and Other News - August 2010

The weekend began on Saturday with the safety steward seminar in Canyon. Peter Fehn, SCCA safety representative, conducted the seminar with four new people applying for one year terms and two returning safety stewards getting three year extensions to their license. The class was competed on Sunday at the Canyon Event site. The gates were opened before 7:00 AM, a very welcome surprise. The course was marked, timing set up with the cool shade tent, pre driver meeting was conducted by Dan Hendren, and we were ready to run. Ten drivers made it to the event and all worked well even with only three workers on course and two people working timing for each group. I enjoyed the timing slips handed to the drivers after each run. It was suppose to keep you posted of your times with out needing to get out of your car and run over to the scoring tent. I did that so the timer had help watching the course for penalties and giving the driver information was secondary.

Thanks goes to all who helped make it a very smooth event. I would like to thank Camron Bevington for his help in placing cones. Yeah, he did have the fastest raw time in the afternoon event. He did say that he had driven before but not in autocross. Chance Hayes, driving a S2000, was also new at autocross. Thanks guys, bring your friends to next event. Talking about events, none is scheduled for next month yet but stay tuned as many are working on locations

The new safety stewards that attended the class; Father and son, Jerry and Chris Goebel, PW and Gary. Dan and Bill are the returning stewards.

Gary Fuller

July 2010 News

Terry Johnson has posted this note in our yahoo groups page Sunday “Just wanted to let everyone know that Rod's wife Cindy was killed Saturday (July 18) morning while riding her bike near Canyon. No word on funeral arrangements yet. Keep Rod and Kristen in your prayers.”

For those who do not know Rod Whitney, he is a long time member of our region. Rod, a past officer and work ethics second to none has helped keep this region running for many years. Our condolences go out to Rod, his family and friends.

You may notice a new format has been used in recording the “event results” and “championship points” on our website. Just a review on how trophies and points are awarded.

Trophies for Class results are awarded on the drivers “raw time” (the fastest time wins the class). Points are awarded using PAX TIMES and accumulated for year-end awards. We currently award trophies for class wins, Pax times, and Street tire at each event. With that definition, I have an apology to make to all in attendance at Sundays event. Dan Hendren, actually won Pax time both AM and PM also he won Street tire in both events, plus 2 Class wins. I believe I may have awarded Chris Goebel a trophy in error for Pax time gave my self trophies for street tire. I think the physical trophy distribution is okay since we only present one first place trophy per driver per event. I am now happy with my explanation and sorry for the confusion. One more thing; Chris give you dad one of your trophies as he did in fact win the afternoon STS class!!

I want to thank David Marsh, he acted as starter the entire day, helped with course setup, got the signatures on the waiver sheet and helped with break down. Thanks David.

We gained a new member in Alex Eslinger. This was his second event he hails from Clovis. Thanks for joining us.

The club did purchase some cool stuff. Shade tent, table and chairs, water cooler and provided water. Made for a very comfortable day.

We were shorthanded but everyone did a great job and the event ran smoothly. Thanks to all and bring your friends.

Bill Threlfall is working on yet another site plus trying to get back to Miller Field.

Chris Romero’s son took many photos. Contact Chris at his email address and he will shoot some pictures to you.

Gary Fuller

Maybe We Have A Season!! - June 2010

We have a season or at least a start. Thank you Bill for our site at Canyon, for three months at least. This will give us time to maybe gain another site. The main topic here is to keep interest in our sport. Maybe new blood with new contacts or ideas will show up at the small venue at Canyon thereby helping to keep us alive.

You may have noticed the start times when you click on the next event box on our website. We will be using the first car out at 10:00 AM during the warmer months to beat the afternoon heat. I hope this doesn't affect those coming longer distances. If so, please let me know and I'll get you in some how as we need drivers. As of now the first event will be a 4 + 4 type and for kicks we may reverse after the first four. Be sure to fill out your entry form using the 4 + 4 format.

I went up to Kansas a couple of weeks ago for an Autox event (7 hour drive)… Stay tuned as they created some new concepts for track design which I’ll be copying with some modifications. The start was a mind blower and the track was hoot, but only after you learned where to go and where to slow. (It was short but sweet) {Did I mention, 2nd in class and 15th out of 44 drivers}

If you like to play don’t forget the Porsche Club site at Big Spring Texas (June 26 is their next scheduled event). Not a SCCA event but still fun. I am still working on this location as a site for us to use.

Hope to see you working at our events.

Gary Fuller

Recap of the Littlefield Airport Event - May 2010

First, thanks Bill for our first event of 2010 at the Littlefield Airport. Next, I would not blame anyone if we did not have another event. If you look at the results you will see a total of three members receiving points. Not a very good showing, two of the drivers were a stones throw from the site. Bill couldn’t drive in the event as he had to drive all the equipment to the site in that (%$#@ my opinion) silly thing for a truck. He was also the only safety steward on site. Chuck Brazeau was there (driving his wife’s car) and was a great help running the event. [Chuck needs to get current on his membership to receive any points for this event] PW showed how it was done with the best time of the day and also showing some PW driving techniques will slip and slide moves he always seems to have. (his car was clean folks) Kelly Kitchens in his always clean Vett had fun trying to get traction with race tires. Of course my fun comes from the layout of the track and therefore I was the only member to DNF because I couldn’t or wouldn’t follow my design. That’s it for the local folks.

Track: Was a track make for great handling cars not power. Nowhere was speed required. A small amount of blown dirt made slides very possible and some were able to use to advantage with power slides. The surface was slurry coat over asphalt with concrete drainage areas crossing the taxi ways. These drainage area provide a slight undulation at the center of our turns--fun! We were very lucky to have some of the locals help with the track worker locations. At one point it really helped as we needed to remove our cones to let a twin engine plane taxi into our staging area. With 8 total drivers the added help was a reward for all.

As always, the participants are a great group of people and today was no exception. Everyone seemed to enjoy the atmosphere. Check this out; indoor lounge with table, TV, couch , chairs ,coke machine, toilets and a view. It was windy so this was the place we were able to use with the small group for sign up and briefing area and awards.

Here’s the cars: 1 LOTUS, 2 VETTS, 2 BMWs, 2 PORSCHE, 1 DODGE

Thanks to all and we hope you will return for more fun with us and your ride

Gary Fuller

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